Global Workspace Theory

Consciousness is a concept that contains a multitude of various theories and concepts associated with awareness and attention (Sternberg, Sternberg, & Mio, 2012). Consciousness, when formulated with attention consists of two moderate sets that overlap and encompass casual roles in cognition. This overlapping in cognition consists of three purposes, which include the first pertaining to environment, the second with linking past memories with our present sensations for a continuity of experiences, and the third being associated with a controlled aspect of planning for future actions (Sternberg et al., 2012). These three concepts are unique because they provide a foundation for information from the monitoring and linking between past memories and current sensations (Sternberg et al., 2012). One such concept is the workspace theory of conciseness and how this theory is associated with how consciousness and the significant role with the brain Continue Reading…

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