Is Food Addiction the Same as Substance Addiction

Obesity has become a global epidemic that has effected not only the populations overall quality of life, but as also impacted international economies (Avena, Gold, Kroll, & Gold, 2012). The prevalence of the United States Obesity Rate has jump significantly from 9 out of the 50 States in 2004 to 36 States in 2010, with a projected trend that 86.3% of Americans will be considered overweight or obese by 2030 (Avena et al., 2012). These rates are astonishing and lead to the notion that food addiction may be the cause of the obesity rate increasing so significantly. Other researcher argue that food addiction is not a true addiction because of the lack of relevancy associated with the addiction model (Ziauddeen & Fletcher, 2013). However, it has been suggested that food addictions effects the behavior of the brain similarly to substance abuse (Avena et al., 2012). Based on researching showing a link between food addiction and substance addition, factors such as dopamine and neurotransmitters show Continue Reading…

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