Nature vs. Nurture

Gender differences is an ongoing debate which contains arguments that gender differences are caused by different biological, or social differences. Both arguments are filled with controversy and have been subjected to different theories that have stemmed from various research with an attempt to articulate and explain the causes of ones gender and how their differences manifest into either different social realms, or scientific biological realms.

As it stands today, gender in our current society is rather ambiguous; however, different factors pertaining to different research discoveries, involving neuroscience studies, evolutionary psychology, social learning theory, and other biological factors have attributed to the notion that gender development is in fact closely related to biological factors (Kirkpatrick, 2003). This development is also closely associated with heterosexuals, but also provides a plausible relation to gender roles with homosexuals due to containing a strong link to not only their sexual preference, but also their biological gender roles. Continue Reading…

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