Recovered Memories

The controversy associated with recovered memories has been a topic of debate for some time. This has primarily been the case when it comes to individuals who have been victimized by terrible sexual acts of violence, or other traumatic events. Like any other controversial topic, many will either dispute, or agree with the attributes associated with the topic and maintain a strong opinion on what side they chose to believe, or disbelieve.

One such topic is the debate and controversy of recovered memories and the controversy associated with individuals being able to suppress a traumatic event, or events that have occurred in their lives, and if the memory can be remembered through therapy. This debate has established different theories as to the reasons why individuals suppress memories, or if certain therapies will inhibit one’s ability to recall traumatic events. In any event, there are different theories associated with recovered memories and the relevancies, or irrelevancies associated with the theory. Research indicates the majority of therapists will have the likelihood of encountering at least “one client with recovered memories in their professional careers, and that some may see many such Continue Reading…

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